Basil Is Native To Tropical Regions From Central Africa To Southeast Asia.[3] It Is A Tender Plant, And Is Used In Cuisines Worldwide. Depending On The Species And Cultivar, The Leaves May Taste Somewhat Like Anise, With A Strong, Pungent, Often Sweet Smell.

There Are Many Varieties Of Basil, As Well As Several Related Species Or Hybrids Also Called Basil. The Type Used Commonly As A Flavor Is Typically Called Sweet Basil (or Genovese Basil), As Opposed To Thai Basil (O. Basilicumvar. Thyrsiflora), Lemon Basil (O. ? Citriodorum), And Holy Basil (Ocimumtenuiflorum). While Most Common Varieties Of Basil Are Treated As Annuals, Some Are Perennial In Warm, Tropical Climates, Including Holy Basil And A Cultivar Known As "African Blue Basil".

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