Iceberg Is A Variety Of Lettuce With Crisp Leaves That Grow In A Spherical Head Resembling Cabbage. It Is Considered One Of The Sweeter Lettuce Varieties Like Romaine And Butterhead. Mature Iceberg Lettuce Grows To About One Foot In Diameter.

The Leaves On The Outside Tend To Be Green And The Leaves In The Center Go From Pale Yellow To Nearly White As You Move Closer To The Center Of The Head. Iceberg Lettuce Requires A Long Growing Season And The Plant Prefers Cool Weather. It Needs About 80 To 90 Days To Reach Maturity And Will Usually Be Ready To Harvest Just As The Warm Weather Sets In. Its Available Year-round In Stores Because Its Grown In Temperate Climates Like California And Arizona For The U.S. Market.

If You Want To Grow It At Home, The Plants Can Be Started As Seedlings Inside And Then Transplanted Outdoors Once The Threat Of Frost Is Gone. To Transplant The Lettuce, Be Sure To Choose Fertile, Moist Soil That Drains Well. Frequent Watering Will Help The Iceberg Lettuce Plants Grow Quickly.
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