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Growing your own leafy green plants can be a fun and exciting hobby. Planters can house all sorts of Hydroponic Leafy Greens. With our large selection of indoor planters and outdoor planters, you’ll be growing in no time.

The type of plants you choose, their drainage needs and where you want to put them will help you determine the best planters for your home. Our planters come in different sizes. Choose from indoor planters, outdoor planters we have.

Caring for your planters helps them last longer and keeps your plants looking attractive. When choosing planters, consider the size and weight of your plant, its watering needs and how big it will grow. The best plant pots will usually be two or three inches bigger in diameter than plants already growing in pots under 10 inches in diameter. If your plants are in pots over 10 inches in diameter, the best plant pots for them will usually be one or two inches bigger in diameter.

You’ll also want to be sure that the planter has drainage holes or is made from a material you can drill into. In most cases, you can improve drainage by poking or drilling holes in the bottom of the planter. If you're using a separate saucer, choose one slightly larger than the bottom of the pot to catch excess water.

Remember that potted plants need more fertilizer and water than plants grown in the ground. You'll probably need to water more often during hot weather.

Our Planters Buying Guide can point you in the right direction when selecting your planters.

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